If early demand sustains, Las Vegas might reach a record-breaking average of $12,700.

If initial demand is sustained, Super Bowl 2024 ticket costs in Las Vegas could reach an all-time high of $12,700.

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Reserving tickets for the Super Bowl has been secondary ticket brokers’ fantasy since the NFL awarded Las Vegas the game.

The calculation was easy: The inaugural Super Bowl in Vegas was practically sure to be a ticket-buying frenzy because the underperforming Las Vegas Raiders team was charging a substantial premium for its home games compared to the rest of the NFL (since moving). Any passes. Every ticket. especially if the Super Bowl game included some favorable circumstances. A set of requirements that might, for instance, include one legendary, superstar quarterback who is quickly emerging as the NFL’s equivalent of Michael Jordan (howdy, Patrick Mahomes) and one nationally popular franchise (hello, San Francisco 49ers). That would be a really fortunate pairing for the ticket market.

As expected, there are a lot of people watching the inaugural Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Sales have almost doubled from this time last year, and early demand has outpaced that of the previous meeting between San Francisco and Kansas City in Miami, according to Adam Budelli, director of partnerships and business development at StubHub. “The 49ers fans have come together in force early; 26 percent of tickets sold.”

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Anticipatingly, the high demand led to extraordinary initial ticket prices on almost all resale sites. The early average ticket price was estimated by Jesse Lawrence, CEO of TicketIQ, to be an astounding $10,752. TicketIQ is a platform that tracks and brokers prices across the market. During the initial 24-hour selling window, that’s


With Tom Brady ready, Greg Olsen has probably finished his tenure as Fox’s top NFL analyst: What happens next?

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Greg Olsen’s analysis during Sunday’s NFC championship game on Fox garnered positive feedback.

After Olsen correctly predicted San Francisco’s vulnerability to the run at start, social media erupted in applause as the Detroit Lions amassed 148 yards and three touchdowns on the ground before halftime.

The general evaluation of Olsen’s work as the analyst on Fox’s top broadcast crew was mirrored in that praise. He gives viewers insightful analysis of the game and crucial information that they might not have known otherwise. It’s enjoyable to hear him speak. He does his work well.

Olsen and main play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt had their last day of work together on Sunday, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Fox’s agreement with Tom Brady allows Olsen.

Brady was not there to stop Olsen from prospering.
After Joe Buck and Troy Aikman went for ESPN for the 2022 season, Olsen and Burkhardt assumed the top spot on Fox for another season thanks to Brady’s gap year. In his two years in the limelight, Olsen has established himself as a brilliant announcer. This is in a role where both fans’ and media reviewers’ criticism frequently verges into hostility. Brady’s suitability for the position isn’t shown by anything at this time. All of us will have to wait and find out.

Brady is expected to take over, in which case Olsen’s salary will be drastically reduced. When Olsen calls games on the Fox network, his five-year contract is for $10 million a year, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

Before Sunday’s AFC championship game, Justin Tucker got into a little altercation with Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The kicker for the Baltimore Ravens gave reporters his version of events on Monday. As he was tidying up his locker after Kansas City’s 17-10 victory that ended Baltimore’s season, he said this.

Tucker claims that as Mahomes and Kelce approached and tossed his equipment to the side, he was going through his pregame ritual, which he has done for the entirety of his 12-year career.

Tucker: “I’ve never had an issue with anyone.”
Tucker told reporters, “I’ve been doing the exact same thing for 12 years and never had a problem with anybody.” “I noticed Patrick there attempting to grab some dropbacks and warm up. He inquired

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