A mother nursed her daughter until she was 9 years old, when the girl decided she didn’t want to anymore…


How old was your child when you stopped breastfeeding? Even so, you definitely “outdid” the British Sharon Spink from the English county of North Yorkshire. This woman kept nursing her daughter until the child herself said she didn’t want to be fed. The girl was 9 years old when this happened. Sharon Spink has four children and helps other people learn how to breastfeed. The woman only breastfed her first two children for a few weeks each, but she nursed her third daughter for four months.

When Sharon’s doctors told her not to put off breastfeeding, she did what they said. As a result, the child lost a lot of weight and different nutrients were added to the baby’s food. After having such a bad time with her first baby, Spink decided that she would breastfeed her next child until he refused to take the milk.

Who would have thought that the girl would want to drink her mother’s milk until she was 9? The girl then chose to stop nursing on her own, without pressure from her mother. “It was her own choice,” Spink says to explain. Sharon doesn’t think there’s anything strange about this.

A woman with many kids says that her child is the healthiest, rarely gets sick, and has the most developed mind of all her peers. Also, since the mother and daughter have been breastfeeding for so long, they are very close and trust each other.

Many other women have said bad things about how Sharon does things. She was accused of hurting children, which made the mother of many children very upset. But as time went on, she stopped listening to people who were mean to her because she felt like her “body was doing what it should.”

Mrs. Spink says she didn’t think twice about feeding the girl in public places like a church, a beauty shop, or a store when she was first pregnant. But after people looked at her funny and said things, she stopped doing it anywhere but at home. And then, the woman says, the girl only drank breast milk about once a month in the last few years.


Sharon tells moms that they can breastfeed their babies for as long as they need to. She says that the World Health Organization’s suggestion of six months is just that: a suggestion. In a lot of places, kids are breastfed for a long time. And this only makes their health better.







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