The “Renovation island” Couple has four children, all of whom belong to Sarah Baeumler…


Fans of Sarah Beaumler, who is renowned for co-hosting several home improvement series like as “Island of Bryan” and “Renovation Island,” have seen all four of her children mature in front of the camera over the years.

Since 2007, which is three years after the pair were married, Sarah and Bryan Beaumler have been engaged in various TV remodeling projects, and their audience members have witnessed their children grow throughout the course of those projects.

Over the course of the last ten years, the Beaumler children have undergone significant development, which has allowed them to discover new passions and directions in life.

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Sarah Baeumler was born on March 26, 1978, in Oakville, Canada. She first met Bryan while they were both attending high school, when they quickly became good friends. The year 2001 marked the beginning of the couple’s romantic relationship, which began as a platonic friendship between the two people.

In 2004, Sarah tied the knot with Bryan Baeumler, a handyman and restorer (similar to HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa), in a lovely and traditional wedding. The couple became parents for the first time in 2005. Sarah began her career as a dancer, then becoming a dance teacher, and eventually opening her own dancing school.

She began working with Bryan on his restoration TV program, “House of Bryan,” in 2009, and shortly afterwards, she became a celebrity designer. Drew and Jonathan Scott’s show is quite similar to House of Bryan.

Since then, they have collaborated on “Island of Bryan,” “Battle on the Beach,” and “Renovati on Island,” following in the footsteps of Chip and Joanna Gaines, who are also a husband-and-wife partnership.


Show jumping is something that Quintyn Werner Baeumler has made his life’s work.
Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith brought the total number of children that Sarah and Bryan had to four. The children’s names are: Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, and Lincoln Wolfgang. They have done their best to bring up their children despite the challenges that life has thrown at them, much like HGTV’s Dave and Jenny Marrs.


The couple’s eldest son is named Quintyn Werner Baeumler, and the 25th of January, 2005 is the day of his birth. When Quintyn was 14 years old, his parents made the decision to send him to a boarding school in Florida before moving the family to the Bahamas so that they could restore an ancient hotel.

The Instagram profile that Quintyn maintains reflects his overpowering obsessions, which include horses and show jumping. He is an accomplished equestrian who has won several awards and competes for Canada in international contests.

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Although he received his education at a boarding school, he lived just a twenty-minute plane ride away from his home and maintained a strong bond with both his parents and his siblings. On the occasion of Quintyn’s 18th birthday, Sarah sent the following message on Instagram:

“On the occasion of your eighteenth birthday, I would like you to know that you have provided us with a great deal of cause to be proud of the person you have developed into,” I hope that you will continue to engage in the activities that fill your heart and soul with a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Sarah Baeumler’s second child is a girl, and her name is Charlotte Anne Baeumler.
On May 1, 2007, Sarah and Bryan were blessed with the birth of their second child and first daughter, Charlotte Anne Baeumler. She developed into a stunning young girl while attending school in the Bahamas, where she now resides.

Charlotte, in contrast to her older brother Quintyn, chooses to keep her Instagram profile private; nonetheless, the most recent photographs that Charlotte’s mother has posted to Instagram portray a confident and lovely young lady.

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Lincoln Lincoln Baeumler’s Son, Wolfgang, Acts as an Unofficial Co-pilot for the Family The Baeumlers’ third child and a son, Wolfgang Baeumler was named after his father. Lincoln was born on November 17, 2010, and like his sister Charlotte, he received his early education at home before beginning to attend a public school in the Bahamas. Charlotte was also educated at home.

It would seem that Lincoln is making the most of his time on the picture-perfect island, as Sarah has posted a hilarious photo of her son feeding ducklings in their pond. However, it seems that flying is Lincoln’s biggest love by a significant margin.

He is his father’s co-pilot and travels with Bryan both to and from Everglades City, Florida, and the island where they both live. In another snapshot that Sarah has posted, Lincoln can be seen smiling blissfully with his father as the three of them are flying over a tropical sea.

The eldest of Sarah Baeumler’s children is her daughter Josephine Judith Baeumler.
She was born on November 27, 2012, and her name is Josephine Judith Baeumler. She is the youngest member of the family. Josephine, along with her siblings Charlotte and Lincoln, has spent time in the educational system of the Bahamas.

Josephine is her father’s pride and joy, as seen by the many pictures he posts on social media of his daughter interacting with her hens and her pet duck. Josephine has the same enthusiasm for flying as her brother Lincoln.

The youngest member of the Baeumler family is also a talented equestrienne, and it is possible that she could soon follow in the footsteps of her older brother Quintyn and become a champion who takes home ribbons.

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