These siamese twins were separated when they were only four years old; today, they are 18 years old…


In the last months of 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin welcomed their daughters Kendra and Malia into the world, which prompted a wide range of emotional responses. The birth of the conjoined twins gave their parents delight and gratitude, but it also caused them to worry about their children’s prospects in the future. Kendra and Malia had lived together for a total of four years prior to their parents’ decision to allow them to go their own ways and pursue their own interests.

Kendra and Malia had a particularly difficult challenge due to the fact that they shared just two legs between them, and each twin was in charge of one of those legs. Despite this, they were able to perfect running and walking without any difficulty because to their dogged determination and capacity to adapt.


Kendra and Malia’s transition into their newly acquired independence was obviously challenging, but they shown remarkable resiliency throughout the process, and in due time, they were used to their new way of life. The twins now go to school on a regular basis and only infrequently do their schoolwork at home when it is absolutely necessary. In addition to their academic accomplishments, both Kendra and Malia have proved that they are very creative individuals; the two of them have a love for painting and are exceptionally skilled artists.
Kendra and Malia have shown that there is always a chance, which has enabled them to position themselves as role models for the other students in their class.

As a consequence of their incredible journey, they have been elevated to the position of heroes at their school, and their other students regard them with a great deal of admiration and respect. It would seem that the age limit for females has been raised to 18 years.


Kendra and Malia are both quite active on social media, where they talk about the fascinating things that happen in their life on a specialized YouTube channel and on a number of other platform sites. Their engaging tale, which has generated such a wide fan following, has attracted tens of thousands of followers who have been emotionally impacted by the twins’ unwavering commitment and exceptional achievements. These individuals have flocked to their story because it has moved them on an emotional level.







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