When Drew Barrymore was 14, the late David Crosby took her in and assisted her in beginning her sobriety journey….


Actress and presenter of a chat show on her own television program, Drew Barrymore is perhaps most recognized for being in the entertainment industry. She has shown that she is capable of everything by working in the fields of directing, producing, and business, all of which demonstrate her versatility. In spite of the fact that Barrymore has repeatedly been successful in her professional career, she has also undergone a number of rather spectacular adjustments in her personal life over the course of the years.

When the actress was still a youngster, she appeared in a number of movies, including “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” which became one of her most famous roles. She went on to find success in adulthood as well, winning main parts in several movies during the 1990s and 2000s, including a lengthy series of films starring opposite fellow actor Adam Sandler. She went on to find success in adulthood.

“50 First Dates,” “Never Been Kissed,” and “Charlie’s Angels” are just a few of the more well-known films that she has been in. Over the course of her career, Drew Barrymore has been honored with a number of prestigious awards and nominations for more honors.

Many people seem to have forgotten that Barrymore had a difficult childhood, particularly when it came to her journey to sobriety, despite the fact that she is well known for having a cheery and outgoing attitude. Barrymore was able to regain his footing with the assistance of legendary musician David Crosby. Ever since she made a comeback in television and cinema, the actress has been quite open and forthright about the arduous path she had to travel in order to achieve sobriety.

Fans of the cherished singer recalled the acts of compassion that Crosby had provided Barrymore as she worked to get her life back on track after he passed away in January 2023. This was done in memory of Crosby, who had passed away the previous year. Continue reading to find out more about the trip that Barrymore took and how Crosby was able to assist her.

As a child growing up in Hollywood, Barrymore began going to Hollywood parties at the tender age of nine. Despite the fact that she was still a very young child when “ET” propelled her to prominence, Barrymore struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism.


Young Drew Barrymore became a young drug addict as a result of being exposed to the debauchery and substance abuse that was commonplace in some circles of the Hollywood entertainment industry. At the age of 13, her mother made the decision to send her to treatment, and after spending many months there, she came out of the program clean at the age of 14. It would be the first step in the star’s lifelong journey through addiction and recovery from substance abuse. Within the span of a year, Barrymore made an attempt on her own life, leading to her readmission to a facility for mental health treatment.

Crosby and his wife finally took Barrymore in once she gained her independence from her parents and was able to live on her own. Barrymore wrote a touching autobiography titled “Little Girl Lost,” in which she discussed in great detail how Crosby raised her when she was a child.

“Crosby. David and his wife Jan, both of whom were close friends of my therapist Betty, served as an excellent support team for me, acting as if they were my surrogate parents. Betty was a close friend of both David and Jan. They were there for me at all times,” she wrote of them back then. “I broke down completely in front of David,” I sobbed.

In an interview that she gave in 2015 to Howard Stern, Barrymore said that once she was discharged from the mental health facility that her mother had checked her into, she remained at Crosby’s home for the next two months. Barrymore referred to Crosby, who had his own “problems,” as being a “interesting character.” She then proceeded to inform Stern about her “pretty wild” existence during the time she had spent living with him.

But despite the challenges she had as a teenager, Barrymore has revealed that she is grateful for the year and a half that she spent in a rehabilitation facility, which she compared to joining the military and going through “boot camp.”

In an interview with Stern that took place in June of 2021, Crosby remembered the day when he and Barrymore crossed paths just before the young problematic actress was going to be discharged from rehabilitation.

“She was staying at a facility that was managed by a good friend of ours, and they said, ‘Oh, s—.’” Her health insurance coverage is about to expire. It’s going to be necessary for us to evict her. Additionally, she is not prepared. She needs a secure location to retreat to,” Crosby remembered saying to Stern.

Crosby said in another part of his recall that he and his wife brought Barrymore to school and did their best to have a positive influence on her as much as they could.


“I think we were kind and loving, and it felt good to do,” he went on to say afterwards. “It felt good to do.” When you put yourself out there and attempt new things, you never know how things are going to turn out. I believe that solution was successful. I believe that she has developed into a good person and is a responsible human being.

The tragic news that Crosby had gone away on January 18, 2023 “after a long illness” was shared by his family in a statement. Graham Nash disclosed the cause of David Crosby’s death as problems brought on by COVID-19 during an interview on the podcast Kyle Meredith With… In the days that followed his passing, admirers of the renowned actor paid tribute to him on social media by remembering the acts of compassion he had done to Barrymore when she was younger.

“a lovely tale about David Crosby: he and his wife took in Drew Barrymore for a little while when she was 14 years old. usual scenario in the United States: she was in rehab, but her insurance was about to run out. The people who managed the facility knew crosby and begged them to take her since she was not ready yet and couldn’t go home securely. Since then, the post has received over 1,300 likes and several further endorsements of Crosby’s charitable nature.







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